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The delicious adventure of MonChoco is the fruit of a love story between earth and people. In our confectionery located at the heart of Abidjan, we carefully handcraft and create products reflecting the exceptional taste of the Ivorian soil. The cocoa beans and all of our raw ingredients come from organic, fair trade plantations of Ivory Coast.


From fondant to tablet

We are few chocolatiers in the world to create our chocolate bean-to-bar, and the only one in  West Africa for our raw confection. As unroasted beans preserve best the taste and nutritional properties of cocoa, our chocolate fully reveals the aromatic power of cocoa beans to the senses while the body benefits from antioxidants, fiber, protein, minerals and trace elements. This passionate creation takes several days, a patience promising delicacy and generosity. The result is Naturally vegan and gluten free it satisfies the most demanding palates.
Purity is also reflected by the absence of cocoa butter and lecithin added.

The fruity, woody taste of our raw chocolate and its benefits are our signature.

Simply Friendly

Reduction in energy costs at all stages of production are essential to us. The cocoa beans are sun-dried, crushed by bike, and hand-wrapped in recycled paper .
For health benefits our farmer harvest without any chemical pesticides.


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« “Earth is the only planet where you can find chocolate. Save it ! »